How to : Survive From Haters

First thing first, i wanna say that this is not a psychological guides to face the haters. I warned ya. This is based on my experience nyehehe. So here’s some tips on How to: Survive from Haters

  • “Fuck with me, i’ll fuck you back” Umm.. it’s not perverted thing, i mean if they mess up with us, warn them that we can mess with them even harder (that sounds wrong…)
  • “Fuck off!” I mean just ignore them and continue on what you’re doing.
  • “Does it look like i’m interested in what you are saying?”
  • “Haters gonna hate, i’m just gonna shake it off” – Taylor Swift

For me personally, haters are just hidden fans that have high ego and feel like they’re the best and you are worse. Like, they stalk us and try to seek our fault and mistakes. Here’s an example:

One of Iggy’s (a singer) haters said, “Iggy’s songs are crap and she can’t rap!” he repeated that comment on every single videos that Iggy upload. You see there, guys? on EVERY SINGLE VIDEO. means that he actually follows Iggy’s music.

So i’m sad that on youtube (since i’m a youtube fan) hating on someone’s video repeatedly. I was like “Then why are you even here if you don’t like him?” I know that Iggy’s fans and Nicki’s fans are just mocking each other. Honestly, i like both. Each of them have their own positive sides and negative sides. Why do you hate one of them?

What i hate even more are people who spam. Just fuck off. really. Oh last thing, best thing you can do is to make your haters as your inspiration to be better you. But if it bothers you so much and you think you are best like you are now, just ignore them. they’re just jealous.

Okay guys that’s all i can say today and don’t forget to follow my blog, my twitter, and my and you guys can ask me ANYTHING on my twitter and! Enjoy your days guys and good luck on your life! Hope you all the best!

Oh and also, i announce that (hopefully) i will post posts daily! or at least once every 3 days, based on inspirations.

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“Haters gonna hate, ducks gonna duck, quack.” – Pewdiepie


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