Who Am I? What Blog Is This? Why Are You Here?

Hi everyone! I’m Nick Dong. It’s nice to meet ya all, and first, thanks for visiting my blog. Since i’m here you know that I’m a blogger. So basically what i’m doing here is i’m going to write probably many kind of things that come up to my mind. Sometimes i try to joke around but sometimes it fails (#relateableMoments).

Here’s my basic personality that i have found out, maybe some i haven’t found yet. But really this is the first time i publish how myself is. Here it is:

  • Nice (well..)
  • Swear (not that many, but…)
  • Get angry a bit too fast
  • Fuck off haters
  • Emotional
  • Love to help others (you can ask me for advice, as long as i can help, bruh! sometimes i can’t help because of time)
  • Try to never let everyone else down
  • Sometimes let myself be sacrificed so other people don’t get hurt
  • Lazy.

Basically that’s some how i truly am. Maybe you can think i’m showing off my positive sides or what but hey i’m telling the truth. I also wanna explain about the website header that you may think ugly or what. I made it simple like i like, and in there you can see that i said “every single person deserves love” which means i believe that everyone is equal and note that you are beautiful the way you are. Grey background represents my fav color (actually it’s not that visible) and there are fancy garnish (?) around it, just for.. garnish. Lol actually it represents that what most people see (which is the outer part of myself) is soft, and sometimes.. they call it girlish. Damn. Also there’s a graffiti-kind-of-thing in the center which represents i also have the naughty side. Every single person does, trust me.

Why are you here you ask? Maybe you found me via twitter or maybe you found me because of you google searched something that i have in my blog or maybe something else?

So that’s all about my blog guys for now! Thanks once again for visiting this! Please check my blog frequently and follow me on twitter and also ASK ME ANYTHING on ask.fm which i will give you the link below! See ya later and good luck on your life!

Twitter : twitter.com/PDJoon_

Ask.fm : ask.fm/NickyDong

“Do something with your best effort to get the best result!”


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