Artists : Iggy Azalea

Hiya, guys! I’m here again to talk about artists! (i warned ya this blog is filled with random things, but worry not! i’ve categorized them to make you easier to read) Today I’m going to talk about my currently favourite singer, Iggy Azalea. Born in Australia and moved to America when she was 16 to pursuit her dream in Hip-hop music career. So basically i like almost every genres of music, starting from classical, jazz, pop, even rap. And even though, she has a lot of haters out there just like i’ve told ya guys here, she don’t give up, she doesn’t really care about her haters, she only cares about her fans.

Why do i like her? Here are some few points

  • I like her songs’ beat. Cause it brings my spirit back and like that kind of songs
  • Her song “Work” made me feel sympathy to her. Like she said “no money, no family, 16 in the middle of Miami.” She moved to America without her family, without much money, and she worked there to get rich.
  • The music, i mean the instrument is so catchy even though it’s simple, like “Fancy” and “Black Widow”
  • The story of her chasing her dream to become a hip-hop singer, her effort, what she has done, it’s all so inspiring me. Like you can do what you want to do, and it might be not easy, there will be sooo many obstacles, but once you’ve caught it, you’ll get so much pleasure.

No person in this life who doesn’t have negative sides. No one’s perfect. Here are some points things from Iggy Azalea that i don’t really like

  • She swears a lot (haha that doesn’t actually bother me that much)
  • Sometimes the lyrics are full of swearing and unmeaningful (?) sentences (not a big problem)
  • Her singing power when she’s singing live is a bit unstable (yea it’s difficult)

Hey i know that it’s hard to rap and dance at the same time. So, overall i pretty like Iggy Azalea and the song i like the most is “Fancy”, “Beg For It”, and “Black Widow”

Thank you guys for reading this blog, and i don’t mean any offense to anyone. Remember guys to love everyone, make this world peaceful (aww that would be so wonderful) and remember that this world is full of differences and we should help each other using our differences not to mock each other.

Don’t forget to follow this blog, follow me on twitter, and you can ask me ANYTHING in my You can go to Iggy’s page on Youtube and i will leave the link below, together with my contacts links. More posts are coming hopefully daily, or at least 3 times a week. You guys also can leave me suggestions on publishing timing so i can improve my blog. Comments are accepted here!

So see ya later and Good luck in your life!

“There might be so many obstacles before your finish line. But that’s how life works. Don’t give up, chase your finish line. Make you and every other person proud of yourself”

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