Story Of My Life : part 1

Hey there guys! And i hope you guys are okay. Well maybe no one is reading this blog but it’s okay, i still love writing stuffs, cause i’ve got nothing to do (other than breathing, eating, sleeping, playing, etc) while i’m on this Christmas-New Year Holiday. But worry not, cause after the holiday i will still continue writing cause i love sharing things and my thoughts. Anyway today i’m pretty confused what to talk about, lel. And.. FYI, i’ve never forced someone to read this blog or to follow this blog, cause i know how it feels to be forced or spammed, it is very annoying, and even if someone follows this blog, i don’t want him/her follow this blog because of nothing or just follow this blog without his/her heart. Maybe that’s why this blog has only got 1 follower, i’ve never advertised this nyeheh.

Okay so today i want to share some part of my life, where everything begins. (hey this is not the 1D’s song, well you can play the song while reading this maybe you can get deeper on the text or maybe feel what i felt, or maybe.. you can cry?)

I was born in July. I was incredibly cute, well actually i’m cute till now (lol jk). That’s where my story begins. Being a boy is not easy, ya know.. Well at least becoming a boy with personality like me is so damn difficult. I cried a lot, maybe that’s normal when i was a toddler. But it continued till i had grown up a bit. I couldn’t let go my parent when i was at school. It took probably 1 month for me to go to school without crying. I grew up more and more. I made friends with a lot of students. But most of them are girls. That’s because i didn’t play sports like other boys did. I chose to stay at the class or at least go to the library (jeez, i was such a nerd). That’s where my suffer began. The most fucked up thing was, only few boys wanted to be my friend… The rest just became friends with boys who did sports. Well i once had a sporty male friend, but as time went by, he left me, and yes thank you for leaving me, cause fuck you. I was so lonely, got no friends. Thanks to a girl, she wanted to be my friend, and yes we became friends for maybe 2-3 years. Getting used to be friends with girls, most of my friends are female. But then… The other boys started picking at me. They called me sassy, they called me she-male, they called me gay, and the worst.. some called me whore. They were all so brave to me, but not me, i got no courage to fight them back. It’s all just because i wasn’t good at sport, and i’ve got so many female friends. Remembering these things are irritating me. But no problem, sharing this kind of thing make me even happier. My suffer doesn’t stop here. I’ll continue at part 2 next time.

Okay guys, that’s just the beginning ๐Ÿ˜€ This part isn’t really emotional, i hope next part will be emotional! Don’t forget to follow me on twitter, on to ask me ANYTHING, and also follow this blog ๐Ÿ˜€ See ya guys later and good luck on your life! (P.S i love Rita Ora’s song called Grateful, it teaches us to be grateful with the things that has happened to us even though some are irritating for us, Good luck!)

“I’m thankful for the pain, I’m thankful for all my scars, cause they only make my heart grateful” – Rita Ora

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