How To : Feel Better After Certain Sadness

Hi guys, and welcome back to my blog! Hope ya all doing well. And FYI, lately i’ve been feeling sad, depressed, pretty much everyday i cry, maybe you’ve known already via my tweets. So today I’m gonna tell you guys how to feel better after some sadness you walked through. Note that this isn’t a true or 100% accurate help but i’ll try to bring that beautiful smile back to your pretty face. *aww stop it, you*

  • Easiest way to feel better is to cry. Let go your tears, and slowly you will feel better, and sometimes, you will fall asleep after crying which is better for you!
  • Talk to your BEST FRIENDS (i do NOT recommend talking to your friends who aren’t your best friends cause sometimes they aren’t helping. Trust me) about your problems, and ask for advice. You can do this via facebook chat, twitter dm, line, blackberry messenger, but please.. don’t spam that much.. The way i recommend to talk to your friend is via phone, or at least skype call
  • Next thing, listen to your favorite song, NOT YOUR SADDEST SONG cause it will bring you even deeper in your sadness. Listen to motivating song, happy song, positive song. Or at least the songs that have happy beat/music
  • Watch some comedy show on your TV, or on Youtube (which i prefer more) and try to forget about your sadness. Some channel that made me laugh is Pewdiepie, Minx, Lush, and some other that i can’t remember, lol!
  • Play some games! It’s up to you to play either online games, or offline games, as long as you are happy. But don’t play it too much till your neighbor gets mad at you. Or till it’s dawn. Don’t.
  • Read comedy books, novels, comics, anything that you like, as long as they’re funny

Here are some things that you should NOT DO while you’re sad

  • Kill yourself, cause it won’t put an end to your suffer.. Well i know that life’s hard, and i know how it feels.. I also once thought about killing myself, put an end to my problems, and let other people be happy, but nope, i broke my thought about killing myself and i survive till now. I’ll tell you my experience about this later.
  • Watch sad movies like Doraemon-Stand By Me (damn, it got me crying!), etc. Cause it just will make you think about your problems even deeper
  • Listen to sad songs. This is what a lot of people do when they’re sad, but for me, it just make me cry harder.
  • Run crying on the street like a maniac. Don’t.

Okay guys, that’s all i want to share with you at the moment, and don’t forget to follow this blog, follow me on twitter, on and ask me ANYTHING there. Hope to see ya guys soon and good luck in your life!!

“I want to see happiness and beautiful smiles on people’s faces. I don’t want to see their tears coming out. Cause seeing 1 person crying, will make me cry too.”

Maybe some people don’t believe me. But if i see a person crying i don’t know why but i can know how it feels, and i will fall in tears either easily.

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(mentioned) Lush : (warning : if you’re disgusted by boys kissing, do not visit. Not visiting is better than you commenting shit there. Thanks)


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