Artists : Gwen Stefani [UPDATED]

Hi guys and what’s up!! Hope you’re having a wonderful day with a smile over there! I’m here today for another daily post, and today I’m going to talk about Gwen Stefani ❤ yayy So, Gwen is a singer, fashion designer, and songwriter. Born in America, 1969. Wait, it means she’s now 45? B..bu…but… she.. doesn’t look like a 40+ woman… What. Okay movin on. She’s currently a judge for The Voice, if I’m not mistaken. I really love her voice. Back then, she started singing long ago, before i liked music, and I just like her lately because one of her song, called “Baby Don’t Lie”. The song is very simple, yet attractive (well at least for me) and addicting. So here are some points why i like her in the first sight (wtf nick) So i watched her performance also at the iHeart Jingle Balls 2014 with the P (chill, it’s Pharell William, perv. lol jk) and i love her hair, like EXTREMELY!

  • She’s beautiful like.. EXTREMELY beautiful (calm down nick, wtf) even though she’s 45
  • Looking her age, which is 45, singing like that, just got me “wow..”
  • Catchy song i have to say!

After thinking for days, i found a negative points from here! nyeheh

  • Her age, which is 45, makes her can’t be my bae (lol wtf is wrong with me)

Okay so I even love her newest song even more, which is called “Spark The Fire”, again, it’s catchy, even though it’s pretty repetitive. And the lyrics takes nowadays slangs or emojis, such as O.M.G, LOL, and P (which here means Pharell) and the MV uses a lot of emojis that a lot of people (especially iPhone users) use. And i’ll leave her youtube page below. Don’t forget to follow me on twitter, follow this blog, on and ask me ANYTHING there. Also i post here on my blog every single day, even though no one’s reading this hahah, but someday some people will. See ya later and good luck on your life!

“OMG OMG I’m back again” – Gwen Stefani

Believe it or not, I was listening to Gwen’s Baby Don’t Lie while writing this post, lol. While updating, i was listening to Iggy’s Beg For It (Drew Stevens Remix).

Twitter : :

Gwen :

And here’s my personal favorite hair of Gwen Stefani!gwen-omg



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