How To : Listen To Music Properly

Hi guys, maybe this post is a bit too late than usual, lol at least it’s still in the right day. Okay so hope you guys are enjoying your days out there! Today I will tell you guys how to listen to music in the right way, step by step, and what you shouldn’t do when listening to music.

Many people like music, whatever genres it is. And some people are not listening to it properly. Here’s how to listen to music properly.

Using headphone

  • Prepare your device, whatever it is, MP3 player, iPod, Mobile Phone, whatever it is, or even your computer, laptop, etc.
  • This is critical step, you HAVE and MUST do it. Look for the song that you want to play. Cause without the song, what are you going to listen to?
  • Choose the media player, whatever it is, cause i don’t actually care.
  • Don’t forget to plug in your headphone/headset/handset/whatever it is
  • Play the music. This is also important step to do, cause you don’t want to look stupid, plugging in headphone without music/at least sounds playing, do you?

Using speaker

  • Follow step 1-3 above, cause i’m too lazy to write it or even copy paste them. lol
  • Plug in the speaker you want to use, also the power cable, cause most people freak out when the speaker doesn’t work, while actually the power cable isn’t plugged in. really.
  • Play the music.

When listening to music, here are some things you should NOT do

  • Freak out and surprise people nearby, or giving them heart attack
  • Sing too loud cause it’s not good for your environment
  • Sing like you’re Mariah Carey if you can’t. DON’T
  • Rap like Eminem, cause we won’t understand what you’re saying
  • Let your pet walking around, especially rat-kind pets like hamsters, cause they can eat your cable
  • Stand up/walk suddenly when you are using headphone/headset when it’s plugged in to your laptop. You will make your laptop fall (I’ve done this thousand times, damn)

So that’s it guys, hope it helps! (lol really) and also don’t take these too seriously, just chill! As always, don’t forget to follow this blog, follow me on twitter and and ask me ANYTHING there. Links are below

So see ya guys, and good luck on your life! (on/in your life? pfftt i don’t care)

“Music saved my soul” – idk i found this while i was surfing the internet

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