Are Gays Okay?

Hey guys! First thing first thanks for visiting my blog! And today i will be talking about important thing that maybe some people encounter. Maybe some people will hate this, but lol i don’t really care

Soooo first thing first (again) i wanna say my opinion and how i look at gay people. For me, seeing gay couples is perfectly okay, and nothing’s wrong. Like, it has no different with straight couples (well slightly it has, but not much) and they are also sweet, cute, and like, seriously nothing’s wrong. When they kiss, when they hug, when they cuddle, they’re also cute, and they are sooo romantic, too. I saw a video where a gay man proposed another man using a mob dance crew, and it was ABSOLUTELY ROMANTIC LIKE WOW. another video i saw was a lesbian proposed another woman using giant cards and showing them from across the street while standing on a bus, it was also SO ROMANTIC. i can’t even lol

Next thing, some say that people turn gay because their society, because their family, because their environment. And I don’t believe that bullshit. I believe they don’t have choice. They were born that way. For me, if they had a choice to be straight, they would choose to become a straight person, which meant they wouldn’t be hated, and they would be accepted by the society. I’ve observed some videos and gays’ posts and yep most said they didn’t have a choice. And some people who don’t go through this kind of thing -being gay- won’t believe this. But not me. I believe.

Some people say that gays are disgusting, and also they are such disgrace to human being so gays aren’t treated the same as straight people. HELLO, they are also human, they have the right. They also live here on earth, at least appreciate them. Why are you such a homophobic? There’s nothing wrong. They also have struggle. Their struggle is even sometimes BIGGER than other.

So yeah, my conclusion is, for me gay is okay. Just TOTALLY OKAY. We can see successful gay people. Ellen DeGeneres (and her successful TV Show), Tyler Oakley (6M+ subs on youtube), Matthew Lush and Nicholas Alexander Laws a.k.a Nickalaws (hundred thousands of subs), Ryan Minaj (100k+ subs), Ello Steph (100k+ subs), and many others. Gay people are not under they straight people. They are THE SAME.

So yeah, this is all about my post, which probably is different than usual, lol. Oh and also there will be a lot of links that i will leave down there about those people i mentioned (gosh it will be flooded). And if you are gay and you feel lonely and sad, or maybe you want to see some beautiful proof of gay love, visit those links below! Warning, you who hate gays you better don’t visit than giving shits there. Thanks 😀

Thank you for reading this post and visiting this blog, don’t forget to follow this blog, follow me on twitter,, and ask me ANYTHING there. Yep, see you soon and good luck in your life!

“I don’t call myself strange, i call myself UNIQUE in a positive way”

“Cause haters gonna hate, ducks gonna duck, quack” -Pewdiepie (again)

Hiya guyss!! Sorry for my absent for days, cause, idk why but i’ve been sick for total probably 5 days. I couldn’t think clear, i couldn’t stay long and write some post on my laptop. Most of my time was wasted sleeping. Well the problem is, i’ve gone to doctor, i’ve taken some medicine for 3 days, but still i’m pretty sick. So yeah, even though today i don’t really feel good, but okay i’ll write something, cause this blog’s supposed to be filled daily. So, sorry~

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P.S LushLaws (Matthew Lush & Nicholas Laws) are my current OTP, I lush them!


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