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Hi guys! Long time no see heheh, in fact i’ve been sick for a long long time, as you know.. And today i feel a lot better, and decided to write something on my blog. Today i will be talking about another amazing artist, the one and only Sia!

Back to last year, i found a unique music video on my TV, i saw a girl with skin-colored outfit dancing around the house, and sometimes it creeped me out. She looked like drunk and maniac. Dancing uncontrollable, and talking to the wall. But i didn’t feel disgusted with it. Instead, i felt like i found art, i fell in love with the dance and music. Going to the internet, i looked for the lyrics (i wrote some lyrics i remembered) and found out that the title was Chandelier. Directly it became my favorite song for couple months. One of the longest favorite song i’ve ever had. But i didn’t really browse or look for Sia.

So basically she’s Australian, and 39 years old. An amazing songwriter and singer. The thing i like about her songs are the lyrics, they all have meaning. From telling us about her past life, into giving us messages to smile, i just love her. Chandelier was the first song that brought me to become a fan of her, next are “You’ve Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile” and “Elastic Heart”.

You’ve Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile is the third music video that made me cry, after Hozier – Take Me To Church. The difference is that Sia’s MV made me cry happily and imagining that how if i meet those kids on the street telling me to smile and that i’ve been doing great, will make my day like the whole day! I cried that there are still a singer like Sia that gives positive messages, instead of showing her ‘assets’ and twerk. But Hozier’s MV (not lyrics) made me cry sadly, and in fact it irritated me, showing that there are homophobics that want to kill every gays, like… Serious. I couldn’t hold my tears near the end of the video. If you want to, you can read my opinions about gays HERE. Actually i pretty much insist you to. lol

The Elastic Heart MV made me pretty emotional, but i didn’t cry. The song was extremely emotional and really nice. I didn’t really get the meaning of the amazing dance (it is really amazing) by Meddie Ziegler and Shia LaBeouf, so i scrolled down, expecting for an answer. Pretty much, i found what i needed, some said that it’s about Sia’s past life with her father, and the cage is the mental illness that Sia and her father should get outta from. Some said that it shows the father that’s really hard to let his child go away to the out world. But the worst thing is, some said that it’s about sex, pedophilia, and stuffs. Which just don’t make sense. Sia won’t make something like that. She even apologized for the MV. For me, she didn’t need to, cause it’s amazing and it doesnt offend someone or something. Damn pervs everywhere.

Anyway guys that’s all i want to share with you atm, and don’t forget to follow this blog, follow me on twitter, and where you can ask me ANYTHING. Hope you guys always have a wonderful life out there and good luck with yo life!

“You’ve never fully dressed without a SMILE!” – Sia 🙂

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